I am a self-taught furniture designer and craftsman operating a one-man shop.

I am responsible for responding to inquiries and updating this web site.  For each project, I draft full-scale drawings and source and procure the best available materials.  Then, I lay out, mill, shape, assemble and finish all of the various components.  Lastly, I photograph the completed piece and deliver it to its new home.

The rough cut of my story: I was born and raised and have lived most of my life in Greater Boston.  I was steeped in a do-it-yourself environment while growing up in a fixer-upper that my parents thoroughly renovated.  After graduating from college, I worked in a few different commercial shops for a short time.  I wanted more opportunity to develop my skills so I began to teach myself furniture design and construction by building pieces for family and friends.  Through word-of-mouth support, I have steadily expanded my client base.  I have worked mostly on private commissions but lately I have been spending more time on speculative projects.

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and mind in concert.  Transforming a stack of lumber into a useful and beautiful piece of furniture is a perfect mode of expression for me.  Each piece of wood, each joint, each contour is selected and shaped to produce the most engaging results.

Living and working in New England provides a fertile environment in which to thrive as a furniture artisan.  The long tradition of independent cabinetmakers in the region promotes an understanding of and appreciation for the workmanship found in a small shop.  Sources of historical inspiration are innumerable and exposure to the best current makers is constant.  It is an honor to occupy one small corner of this landscape.