I use native grown North American hardwoods and softwoods.  I choose lumber very carefully based on species, grain, color and texture characteristics.  Specific boards with particular qualities are selected for exact placement within each piece of furniture.

I do not use any drafting software or computerized machinery.  When I mill, shape and join each part, I have one opportunity to get everything right.  Without an inventory of duplicates available, cutting on the wrong side of a line creates significant problems.  Establishing the proper sequences of construction is essential.

I challenge myself to create original pieces while continually honing my technical skills.  Such practice includes teaching myself new techniques to achieve ever more refined results.  Even if no individual step is completely new, the ordering of the steps changes from project to project.

A mixture of oil and varnish finishes the furniture.  Multiple coats hand-rubbed into the wood enhances its deep character while establishing generous surface protection.  This finish is effortless to maintain with a soft, damp cloth and is relatively easy to repair.

I do not use stains or dyes to color the lumber.  As the furniture ages and sunlight and air exert their unstoppable influences on the wood, a rich patina will develop which no artificial process can duplicate.